Friday, November 26, 2010

Hair. An important decision.

I've got my bridal portraits scheduled for next Sunday with the lovely Michelle Daniel. I'm so super excited about taking them because I have a plan and I'm actually keeping the plan secret (a first for me!) so that Jared doesn't find out, since I want to give him some of the portraits as a gift. Anyway, I am scheduling my hair trial for the same day since there's this whole two birds/one stone thing going on. I'm having a difficult time trying to figure out how to do my hair.

Basically how I pictured my hair sans veil on my wedding day
I finally buckled down and decided that I will be wearing a veil that day, even though I am still telling myself how "typical" I will be (I have this weird thing about being a typical person, and since bride=veil, I'm having a tough time swallowing that pill). But I reasoned that I'll have just one day to feel like a bride, so why not go all out? But I like the way weddings look without a veil, and I love how elegant some of the hairstyles look.

Not my hair but basically how I do it, but messier
The problem is that all the hair styles I love and want to do to my hair is how I do my hair every. freaking. day. of. the. week. Pulled back, twist into a bun, have some flyaways, done. I wear my hair the same way every day because I hate having hair in my face and I'm growing it out for the wedding (for purposes such as this actually). I like the way it looks on me but I feel like I should change it up just for a day. I bought some really pretty orange and green hair pins from Etsy that will just look adorable in my hair, I'm sure. And I know how I want them placed and all, but given that I feel like I should do something different to my hair, I doubt they'll go where I want them.

Would love something like this but it won't work
The biggest dilemma I have is that my hair is so super fine. It doesn't hold  a curl, a wave, nothing. Hair spray is no match for my hair. So if I wear it down or half-down or quarter-down or anything at all, I can pretty much bet that it'll be, well, straight within 20 minutes. No lie.

So I'm struggling. I have no idea. I did some googling and found hairstyles I liked that could look good with my hair AND it'd be different from my normal 'do, but still similar to what I like. And my hair pins would go great with them.

So, I present to you some hair trial ideas. Thoughts?
Bottom left is a big contender

Love the ones on the left
Definitely one of the highest on the list

This is cute. Shows the placement of the hair pins I wanted
And this is probably what I'll end up doing, hair pin placement and all
All relatively similar hairdos but I don't know...none of them show a veil over them. I sort of like the idea of a splash of color showing through my veil so I'll definitely use the pins I've already bought. Just so torn...

Anyway, bridal shower tomorrow.....

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