Thursday, September 16, 2010

Accomplishing nothing

One reason I find wedding planning so ridiculously irritating is that you can do so much wedding stuff and still accomplish nothing. Getting quotes, scouting, meeting with vendors, trying on dresses, looking at bridesmaids dresses, looking at wedding websites. You can spend hours and hours and days doing all of this and yet still have nothing accomplished or set in stone.

That's the dilemma we're facing right now. Just the other day, on his day off, Jared went to go look for groomsmen tuxes and suits. I'm very particular about what I want them to wear (vest but no jacket, white shirt, brown/khaki/tan pants, but absolutely nothing "tux-like", such as the silky, shiny vests with matching tie), but not so particular about the shades being the exact match or anything like that. So my recommendation to him was just to have the guys buy the pieces individually.  He wants all the shades the same though (new upcoming blog on all of his guys. So he's picky and therefore scouting tux shops.
what I want the guys to jackets! No tux crap!

The problem is that some of his groomsmen are larger than the majority of most people (a couple guys in height, a couple in weight). And since suit shops operate on the idea that everyone is a classy size 6 (whatever that is in guy sizes), they don't carry what we want in his GM's size. So they keep coming up short. It could all be solved by each guy buying their own brown/tan/khaki vest and pants at a place like Target or JC Penny or fricken Wal-Mart for all I care, but Jared wants every shade to be the same.

So he scouted. He looked and looked. Visited every suit shop in town. Came up with nothing. Used a whole day to find this stuff and he's no closer to a solution than where he started.

Meanwhile, that same day, I was scouting new locations. We're still looking for a new venue but are facing money concerns and catering concerns. The place we do want that is affordable has a requirement that we use their caterer. We really don't want to do that. So that day, I made phone call after phone call, visited many sites, went to the actual locations...and we still don't have a place that we like and that we can afford (with just 205 days left. Yep).

So a whole day wasted. Nothing accomplished. No further progress. 
Eff you, wedding planning. Eff you. Hard.


  1. Hey,
    I don't know if this helps but maybe you can check out a big and tall shop for the bigger GM? Online shopping is sooooo much easier for finding just exactly what you want, without having to run about everywhere.

    Or... if worst comes to worst maybe pick another easier to find color?

    I really do like the idea of all the suits being the same shade.

  2. well as far as color goes, i'm wanting just brown or khaki or tan or something. i'm gonna let jared come to that conclusion since it's what he's wearing and what his GM are wearing.

    im not familiar with big and tall shops...would they have the same stuff as other suit shops or at least stuff for the other groomsmen? jared is just 5'4", and all of his GM are up to almost 6'0", with 2 bigger ones and 2 fit ones and then a really tall one at like 6'5" or something. so different shapes and stuff.

    i guess, after typing all of that out, a big adn tall shop would be the best way to go! thanks for the tip!