Monday, September 6, 2010

Hello, blog. I have(n't) missed you.

A crazy 2 weeks, I must say. Moving. Housesitting. Getting a cold. Not caring about wedding stuff.

We're in the process of trying to find a new "venue." Our original spot is really great, really very pretty, and I really like it. We're getting it dirt cheap (literally) and can have it the whole day. It's exactly what I want...close to the water without being on the beach, but more of a garden feel to it. A nice spot. But there are downsides. We can't have both the wedding and the reception there...there's just no way to fit 100 people for the reception and the wedding in that one small space. We could do one or the other (the wedding woudl be better) but that's about it. Plus, there are no bathrooms, and we'd have to bring EVERYTHING. Tables. Chairs. Linens. Dishes. Staff to help clean and take care of guests. Everything. Literally.

So we're scoping out some places. I don't know what to do...we can't afford the crazy-ass prices that some places want to charge, but we know some of them are still considered really cheap in terms of weddings. But it's still more than we want to pay.

I don't know. That's all I've got. Apathy is in full swing tonight.


  1. Why don't you just have all of your guests sit at the tables that you have set up for the reception and orient the room so that the official wedding ceremony takes place in a location of the room where everyone can see you?

  2. well unfortunately with the way that location was set up, that wouldn't have been possible. it's an awkward set up and you can't view the "ceremony spot" from every part of the space, so we'd have to have the ceremony seating separate from the rest of it.

    we booked a new space though and it's perfect! i can't wait.