Sunday, January 16, 2011

Heaven help me, I've discovered another blog to love

I sometimes wonder what I'll do after the wedding. What on earth will I browse online now? I've set my StumbleUpon bar to search only wedding websites and multiple times I've gotten the screen that says "You've seen all of the wedding sites there is to see. Stumble on something else!" But thank God, it gave me one more stumble. And I stumbled on this blog. Oh it's lovely. Down to the last detail. (Yay puns!)

It's right up there with Style Me Pretty. Yes, I'm cheating on SMP.

I've been searching through the pages, and nothing compares to this wedding.

They're green. They love their dog. They have focused on ways to make their wedding different. I like these people.

Now, I'd love to have an ultra-green wedding. I would love everything to be recycled material. But unfortunately, we can't afford a lot of the materials. We are using everything plastic, but I guarantee we will be recycling everything we can and I will have a recycling committee on hand to take care of those things.

And I very much wish Sheila weren't such a wonderfully spastastic dog so that she could participate in our wedding. We'd hoped that she'd be able to but we don't see it happening.

Either way, I'm in love with this site I've just discovered and this wedding I've found. Back to browsing all of the pages of ELD blog.

But first!

Here are some pictures that I just love of the wedding (notice the dog? I love that dog):
what a lovely shot

Is there a more perfect day to get married?
The dog shot! Oh my gosh!
Yes, please!
Our dog Sheila is NOT capable of this, but I can dream
Again, not a Sheila thing, but so sweet! 

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