Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shoes. Oh shoes.

I'm not a huge fan of shoes other than flip flops. I've always said I'm going to get married in flip flops. But, thanks to the trend of having different-colored shoes under your wedding dress, I'm gooing to get married in heels, dammit. Green heels. That is, if I can find them.

The thing is, though, Jared is just 5'4". I'm 5'0". I don't want to be taller than he is that day. I don't even want to become close to looking like I'm teetering on the brink of passing him up. It's a protective thing...I like my men to be men! And his being taller makes me feel protected, even if he's a little guy. So, conundrum!

It's hard enough finding green heels as it is. That's what I've noticed. It's harder still finding green heels that I can afford. And even harder still(er) is that I have to find GREEN heels that are CHEAP and ones that DONT make me taller than Jared.

So here are some ones I like:
A little too business-y.
A little plain, though
A little Carrie Bradshaw

So close, but not completely what I'm looking for. Especially at $80 a pair. No thanks. Not for one day (b/c I can promise I won't wear them after that, though I'll feel obligated to).

Then there are these, whcih I will probably end up going with:
SO cute and would be pretty much perfect, as they are wedges, which I prefer over heels, and they're not that tall, and the color is perfect. But I'm too cheap still to spend $60 on shoes. How does anyone afford to have a shoe addiction!? I can't even bring myself to spend more than $30 on shoes. Then again, I'm cheap. Admittedly very cheap. But I digress.

I REALLY love these shoes, but they are so far from what I am requiring for myself to wear on my wedding day.
But that'd make me girlier than I'd like to admit
These too.

So there you have it. My shoe conundrum. Of course, there's always the Dyables route...but I'd feel obligated to wear those too later. And they can get costly.

Damn you, shoes. You made me a girly woman.


  1. Are you sure we weren't seperated at birth because i could have written this entire article myself, lol

  2. I like the wedges. The arches on the first and third pair are too high, you would be barefoot an hour in. The second ones are cute, but as you said, plain, and I don't know how comfy they would be for the whole ceremony. You are going to be standing and dancing a lot, you want to be comfy. Yep, I like the wedges, I would choose those too!!

  3. Where did you find those polka dot wedges? I love them! Exactly what I was looking for for my own wedding :)

  4. Click on them...I think that will take you in a roundabout way to them? Maybe? I can't remember where I found them but I thought they were cute!

  5. I don't know that you will like any of these shoes, however, it could possibly fit your criteria.

    Unforgettable Moments by Lela Rose is a line of dyeable shoes sold through Payless.. from what I can remember, they're all roughly $20 and the custom dye job is free! They come in 64 colors and many different styles.

    I looked into them and was pleasantly surprised, but turned them down because I, unfortunately, am a shoe addict and have had my heart set on Carrie's wedding Manolo's forever. (Talk about an unnecessary gratuitous expense, eep!) I probably won't get those particular shoes, but I still want a sky-high stiletto/high fashion look.

    Anyway, I'm including the link to the designers page so that you can look through the colors/styles but I would warn against buying them from the designer... they're about 3 times the expense.

  6. I ended up finding shoes at a store in our mall called The Shoe Dept. They're really cute Steve Maddens that I found for $20! My fiance actually picked them out and they're PERFECT! Wedges, bright green, not taller than he is. I am in love wiht them!

    Thanks for the link though! I like a lot of those. I'll keep it in mind for my bridesmaids :)