Thursday, August 5, 2010

Love for STDs

So I spent way too many hours tonight designing our save-the-date cards. I'm actually really proud of them. I'm ordering some magnets to give to our parents and for us to put on the fridge. I like those...but they're expensive! They're not typical save-the-date magnets with a little strip on the back of the picture. These are LEGIT, bound magnets. They're "special." They're not so special that they should jack the cost of shipping up $15 though. That's stupid. Hey, zazzle! That's STUPID. Shipping little magnets shouldn't be more than the magnets. Just FYI.

Either way, they're a nice touch and I know our parents will like them. So I'll shut up about the cost. Sorry, zazzle.

We got some of our engagement pictures back today, hence the night of STD designing (hehe). My friend and his sister took lots and lots of photos that day (close to 800 I believe) and she sent me 36 of them. I need to get a few more, b/c I'd eventually like to create a whole Mehgan and Jared album. You know, because we're so hot that we need 3 coffee table books of us (engagement, wedding day, and trash the dress--more on the TTD later). I'm going with a theme here. It's called "We love ourselves a whole lot." It's catchy.

Anyway, the next step is to gather addresses of our guests while I wait on an email of coupon codes from zazzle before I order them all. Then to spend more money on stamps! I'll go talk to the Post Office about postcard weight stamps and see if I can save money there.

Geez, weddings are expensive. Who knew that having a one-day party for yourself would be so costly and time-consuming? This girl had a hunch but chose to be in denial.

Is it April 10th yet?

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